Summer days

Summer days

August is markedly different from other working months.

For a start, one gets away for a bit  …  this time to France  …
and when one is back, the working day rarely extends into the evening: students, being on holiday from school, mostly attend in morning or afternoon hours.

Then, the traffic is somewhat less. With the Kent Test looming in early September many households schedule tuition through July and August: for the majority an hour or two’s practice a week suffices. Consequently, the Centre is in fairly light use, the children are relaxed, and the holiday feeling prevails.

August can provide an opportunity for getting on with maintenance tasks which at other times of the year can’t be conveniently fitted in. This August I had the assistance of a post-16 student to undertake a massive sorting and filing task of unused, re-usable worksheets. The piles had been accumulating for months – or years I should say. Now the sheets are in sets, in labelled pockets and folders – which will save time and unnecessary photocopying for the future.

New posters are up on the wall – August is a good month for hanging them.
And then in August new exercises and activities on the computer can be written. The majority are being produced (all the year round) by Phil Scowen of PARadise Academy, New Zealand, the world’s leading provider of tuition centre programs,  but licensees such as myself do also contribute material when we have time. Verbal Reasoning has been a recent focus of mine: exercises on compound words, codes and jumbled sentences etc.
The month has just ended with the Bank Holiday – and this was a sunny one – ideal for a festival day out at Greenbelt in Northamptonshire: thanks to complimentary tickets from a performer. Greenbelt is a smaller and more relaxed event than Glastonbury: more tented village than tented city, but just as absorbing.