FREE Assessment & Fees

An assessment is free. If an assessment is not required, the first session will be charged at 33% of the standard fee (£11).

The standard fee this year (September 2023 – August 2024) is £33 per session. A session is 80 minutes’ long. The fee covers advance preparation of individual lessons, homework, printing of worksheets – and a hot or cold drink and a biscuit (if required).

Parents who pay in advance for a block of 10 sessions (£330) receive an 11th session free. This reduces the individual session fee to £30.

For brothers and sisters attending simultaneously, the individual session fee is £30.00 per student. Parents paying in advance for 2 students may opt for 10+1 sessions for £600. This reduces the per session fee to £27.27.

Fees are adjusted at the beginning of the academic year in early September and are fixed until the end of the following August.

Pay in advance for 10 sessions and receive an 11th session FREE

First session £11 for students that do not require a FREE assessment