What is the Association of Professional Tuition Centres (APTC)?

What is the Association of Professional Tuition Centres (APTC)?

An association founded in 2011 by group of about 25 UK tuition centre owners, previously franchisees of Kip McGrath Education Centres (KMEC).

Its original aim was to coordinate a leaving strategy, source new materials (using the buying power of the group), and act as a channel of mutual support.

Six years on, the association remains about the same size – but its functions have adjusted with maturity.

Transitioning  (leaving the franchise and surviving without it) is no longer such a binding concern – there is now a shift towards encouraging and recruiting new starters, and successors to retiring owners.

Association members advise prospective joiners; introduce them to others; and help facilitate the road to success by sharing their experience. However the APTC doesn’t formally offer training.

The APTC has no physical headquarters and employs no officers – its committee members are volunteers who believe in the value of the organization. The major event of the year is the annual gathering, usually in May, at an attractive venue in the Midlands; dinner on Saturday night, followed by the AGM on Sunday. 

The subscription is, at the time of writing, £60 per annum.  These proceeds are invested in educational licences, the maintenance of the APTC website, and the AGM.  

Finally, should you wish to follow this up, the committee (February 2017) is as follows:

Chair:Shola Alabi (Thurrock)
Secretary:Iain McKenzie (Colchester)
Treasurer:Jan Webster (Lancaster)
Curriculum and resources:Peter Whisson (Canterbury)
New member applications:Rachel Callaby & Richard Bloomfield (Dereham)
Website:Christine McLaughlin (Urmston)