Kip McGrath returns to Canterbury

Kip McGrath returns to Canterbury

Canterbury now has a choice of tuition centres – with the recent opening of a Kip McGrath Education Centre in St Dunstan’s, there is now a tuition provider on the west as well as the east side of the city.

It’s a return for Kip McGrath, since Tuition Canterbury itself evolved out of the same franchise company – I was myself the Canterbury franchisee from 2006 to 2011.

Looking back I can see 2006 was a favourable time to start such a venture. Canterbury did not then have a permanent tuition centre, the UK economy was doing well, and from the outset I had excellent mentoring and support from Ray and Jan Jury, then master franchisees for the South East.

One of the highlights I recall of those early years was the annual Kip McGrath conference. I attended three altogether – two in the Midlands and one in London. Their purpose was to inspire and motivate franchisees in their early stages; to celebrate the more established and successful; and to consolidate the Kip McGrath community of centre owners as a whole.

This consolidating or networking function of conference was the aspect that proved most useful to me in the long run. Ironically really, for when I left the franchise in 2011 to participate in the founding of the Association of Professional Tuition Centres (APTC), I was acting with counterparts whom I had first got to know at Kip McGrath gatherings.  

All that is history.

Welcome now to Kip McGrath, Canterbury reborn.

May your first years be as interesting and rewarding as mine were.