Autumn and Christmas 2017

Autumn and Christmas 2017

A whole term has gone by since my last post.

A term that began with final preparations for the Kent Test at the beginning of September.

Towards the end of October some schools took a fortnight’s break.  

November saw peak activity here, with mock-GCSE’s looming for more senior students.

As I write this at, or almost at, the very end of term, the traffic has eased.

Late December and the first few days of January are invariably the quietest of the year.

Which means for me, apart from enjoying festive things, a chance to read and practise some of the new topics that have made their way onto the GCSE Maths and Science syllabuses recently; and to write or finish writing new exercises for Paradise Academy, New Zealand (who are my main provider of Maths and English programs). The Paradise team are shown here:

And finally, a chance to greet counterparts in the UK tuition centre world (members of the Association of Professional Tuition Centres). 

I had an unexpected visit from one such person last weekend – Iain McKenzie (Colchester and Clacton) – which made occasion for a drink in the Old City Bar (approximately 90 seconds’ walk from the Tuition Canterbury  front door). We shared experiences and compared perspectives. It was June that we last met – at our AGM in Stafford. 

Will we be welcoming new members to the Association next year? It seems possible. 

With an overall economic outlook getting ever tighter, independent centres make the best business sense, and the APTC, as a non-profit organisation, can supply independent business owners with that little bit of know-how and company that can make all the difference to confidence when setting out.  

Meanwhile, to quote Charles Dickens: 

  A merry Christmas to everybody! A happy New Year to all the world.