The APTC recruits …

The APTC recruits …

Back in July 2013 I wrote a short article here entitled ‘How to set up a Tuition Centre’. I recounted my personal route into the business, and concluded by inviting others who might be thinking of launching on similar lines to contact myself or other APTC members, for further advice and support.

It stimulated one or two comments, clearly a sign that there is interest among teachers in the idea of making a living from full-time tutoring. Many are accustomed to supplementing their income though private one-to-one tuition, but as a full-time alternative to school teaching, can it be organized so as to become viable?

The question of how to attract new starters and recruit new members to the APTC was discussed at our last national meeting. The core of the present Association comprises businesses which cut their teeth within a franchise (Kip McGrath Education Centres) – only a small minority of members have joined without that experience. Our discussion took the view that as time goes on, this small proportion should rise.

An important point made at the meeting was, however, that recruitment was likely to be faster if the APTC offered a structured training to would-be newcomers. Without initial training, without receiving a basic ‘ABC’ to running a business, many potentially successful individuals and partners might not summon up the confidence to launch new centres. 

The outcome of this was my being asked to write a scheme for a training programme. This I did, and I can show the heads of it here. I call them the 7 C’s (rather than the ABC):

Centres – premises, dimensions, furnishings, equipment

Clients – children, parents, their expectations

Calculations – costs, charges, keeping afloat 

Compliance – regulations, certifications, insurances, law

Communications – advertising, marketing, networking – telephone skills

Curriculum – subjects, levels, materials, resources to get going

Chits – models of essential forms for record-keeping

… and then I thought of an an 8th ‘C’ 

Concerns – yours! challenges and catches, what to beware of

Every APTC member has valuable knowledge of all the above. Much can be imparted; the rest is learned by experience. I believe that one well-organised weekend of presentation and discussion, either in a summer or winter holiday period, should suffice to set starters on their feet.

But will we actually go ahead and do it?  Wait and see.